Monday, December 8, 2008, 2:59 PM

Hello! So today I'm going to list a few websites that I think are the top 5 most useful for everyday life! Again, this is my own personal opinion! If you know of any others, leave a comment! Also! I added the link to FOLLOW OUR BLOG on the left hand side! So you should do that. :)

The Top 5 Most Useful Websites for Your Everyday Life

If you ever need to know how to do anything, go to eHow. It's crazy. I could be on there for hours looking up how to tie my shoelaces, put on pants, or even plant a garden if I wanted to! Seriously though, if you ever get confused about something, like putting together a

4. Yahoo Answers
Much like, except people ask their own questions in a forum type setting, and get answers from other users. Strangely enough, these usually come up on Google searches as well. The answers are rated through a star system, and the best or most useful ones show up on top. I like to use this for computer problems, they have many useful answers on that topic concerning certain programs and compatitbility.

In NYC, Chicago, Boston or another metropolitian area? Check out It'll tell you how to get anywhere using the public transportation system in your city. It also estimates how long the trip will take, other routes to possibly use, and lets you change the walk/transfer options! Living in NYC, this site has been one of the ones I visit most often. Believe me.

2. Sit or Squat
This is a comprehensive list of publc restrooms, sorted by cleanliness! So, if you're in a pickle and you gotta go, they have a mobile phone application as well! Look up your location and you'll get a list of publuc restrooms in your area rated by others who've used them! Then when you're done, rate it yourself!

1. Google
Obviously, this is going to be #1. Google, which is now officially a verb I believe, is the most incredible search engine on the web. It's a researchers dream, if it's out there Google can find it. Inferior only to specific enginges like Lexis Nexis or Academic Search Premiere. Although, you can't find your favorie Youtube videos on there.

NOTE: You're probably asking yourself why I didn't add YouTube to the list. Mostly because it's more of an entertainment form rather than an everyday needs use.

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