Happy Holidays
Wednesday, December 17, 2008, 1:14 PM

Hey guys, its Lauren! I'm updating from school so this will be a non-photo post.

I'm actually not sure why I'm updating, mostly because I'm very bored and waiting for my friend. Let's talk about gifts!

I love buying people gifts. It wouldn't seem that way for a lot of people because I enjoy getting them also, but if I was rich I would buy my friends red pandas and burberry trenches. I really really would. I just enjoy getting ppl things they want. Its nice!

I just finished my fall internship, which was sad. I wasn't going to get another one for spring but I really want one now. You get so close with the people you work with and its just a nice tight knit community. Then everyone leaves and its sad.

I think ill just wait and maybe try for summer. Ill write more for the paper in the spring so maybe by fall ill bag an editor position.

Ignore the horrible grammar, for some reason my auto grammar corrector stopped and I don't feel like going back.

I need to make a photocopy of my ss card for my payment. The paper owes me $60 that I could really use.

This is the end of this really boring entry pretty much about my life. You might as well be reading my livejournal! Lol! Kay bye!

P.S: if I didn't have blackberry thumb already, I do now.

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