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Wednesday, July 23, 2008, 4:03 PM

Hello! So, sorry the updates on this page are really not too cohesive, but that's how we are. I just got back form Florida a few days ago, where it rained 75% of the time. Lovely.

But I'm going to talk about television, yet again. There are some new shows I'm into, and some that are coming back that I am looking forward to! So here it goes:

Project Runway(Or as Cynthia and I call it, PR Runway...)(Bravo)
This season seems to be a lot like the new season of Hells Kitchen, a lot of people who don't really know what's up. I don't really know names yet, so spare me a few mistakes. One person who really annoys me times a million is GIRLICIOUS man. Omg, if I hear that one more time, I'm going to throw my television out the window. Stop trying to be Christian Siriano, it's not working.
I thought that the guy who got eliminated should not have. Even though his piece was a little...eccentric to say the least, it was made better than the garbage bag disaster that took a whole of 2 hours to sew by hand. Come on, that was terrible. His portfolio looked promising, but as Cynthia says he could not handle the reality television atmosphere.

Big Brother 10(CBS)
I've only started watching BB a year or so ago, it never really interested me. But season 8 I believe really pulled me in. Season 10 definitely seems promising though. There are two older contestants this season, the oldest being 78 I believe. Which makes the competitions more interesting. On the most recent episode, they were having conflict with one housemate who had apparently said the reason their team lost was because they had the two older people, which caused quite a stir. Anyway, from the first episode alliances had started and when the first person was voted off, Brian, those with him started going down with him. This season is going to be pretty good....I'm still not sure who I like though. Everyone seems grimey in their own way.

I Survived A Japanese Game Show(ABC)
When I found out this show was going to be made, I got really really excited. I had seen clips of Japanese game shows in the past, knowing how strange and bizarre they were. Unfortunately, I did not start watching this until the 4th or 5th episode, but it's still great. There is one person in the competition that I dislike, and her name is Meaghan. She used this stupid excuse last week that they had made a pact she wouldn't go up for elimination or something, but she did the worst in the game. This week, I'm really not sure how the heck she got out of it, but she did and again she was horrible in the game! I really want this b*tch to leave now. She's just annoying. Anyway, watch the show, it's really interesting.

The Secret Life of The American Teenager(ABC Family)
When I saw the promos for this show on ABC family, it looked interesting, but a little cliche. I checked it out anyway and I'm glad I did. There are so many different characters and so many problems, that the preggers girl isn't even the main focus! She is what the show is primarily about, but there are a lot of things going on. The only gripe I have with this show is that it is going too slow for my tastes. It is already up to it's...4th or 5th episode and she hasn't told her parents or new bf yet. I don't know, it's making me a bit uncomf. but I still enjoy the show. It's kind of like a wacky soap-opera.

Okay, now here's a list of shows I can't wait to come back in the Fall!
I can't effing wait. According to Milo Ventimiglia, the new season will make your head explode.
-The Office(NBC)
Omgggggggggggggggg the season finale was nuts. This new season is going to be great, I know it. Apparently, there will also be a spin-off starring Amy Poehler from SNL, but I'm not a big fan of spin-off's.
-America's Next Top Model(CW)
I hate the new judge, but this show is also amusing to me. :)

That's all for now!